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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A Business Management System that merges the various elements of a business, including Planning, Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing, the ERP methodology has gained prominence in recent years. Implementation of ERP has been made possible in business activities like Inventory Control, Order Tracking, Customer Service, Finance and Human Resources with the emergence of a variety of Software Applications. SGTS provides ERP solutions in the areas of Manufacturing, Human Resources and Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM).


SGTS recognizes the increasing importance of manufacturing, especially the integration of manufacturing with the enterprise and e-business portions of a clientss business. Hence, as part of our growing business, we now offer a manufacturing vertical that imparts benefits and services in Sales Force Automation, Distributed Order Management, Channel Management, Sales Forecasting, Inventory Management.


Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM)

Our eCRM services are designed to enhance your prospect and customer management processes by implementing eCRM software solutions from market leaders. Our services provide you with a quick hassle-free approach to extend your enterprise with Web-based eCRM solutions. These ensure that your customers and partners have access to company information, product information, sales and marketing, production, and order fulfillment databases, in real-time when needed. We can help you improve business value through the seamless integration of eCRM solutions across channels, segments, lines of business and the customer life cycle.


Human Resources

In the challenging realm of Human Resource Management, SGTS provides a comprehensive solution. This provides the requisite flexibility to any organization, right from recognizing the need to fulfilling it. Skilled human resources being the foundation of any company, the solutions rendered by SGTS are highly significant. They are all-encompassing, covering the areas of Resource Planning, Recruiting, Training, Development, Career Plan, Benefits, Compensation, Employee Administration, Leave Administration and Performance Management.