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The primary services rendered by SGTS are

  • Legacy Integration
  • Integrating the Back Office Systems to the PBX
  • Web Services framework to link Legacy Systems, Mainframe Systems, Speech Recognition Systems
  • CRM Data Analytics
  • Campaign Performance Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation Analysis
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Customer Loyalty
Employing the services of SGTS inevitably leads to innumerable benefits, a few of which are :

SGTS' major Migration & Re-engineering works range from version migration to database migration to platform migration to total migration of client systems. Migrating existing systems to the latest technology becomes imperative due to factors like High Maintenance cost, Scarcity of experienced resources for maintenance, and increasing complexity of Scalability, Performance, Availability issues. At SGTS, a structured methodology is thus available for carrying out Migration & Re-engineering of IT systems.

SGTS is staffed and organized to provide true Business Process Management solutions and services that provide end to end coverage and accountability. Outsourcing to Saffron Green results in tangible cost savings and improved quality for clients besides other advantages like Expertise & Focus, Customer Value, Guaranteed Performance Levels & Application Uptime, Service Level Agreement (SLA), No-Risk Service Commitment, Lower Upfront Expenditures and Reduced Personnel Expenses and Simplified Management and Predictable Budgeting. Tailored Service Modules SGTS provides solutions that are customized to the clients' requirements. Outsourcing services can be provided in any one of the following ways or in any combination of these approaches.